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The Angler’s Retreat, Marsworth, Hertfordshire

Just back from our Icknield Way walk; it was fantastic!

And made more so because JP and I went up on Saturday, check out the area, discovered the Grand Union Canal and the Tring Reservoirs, and stayed at the Angler’s Retreat, which we fell in love with.

A great, old-fashioned, honest-to-goodness, English Country Pub, doing really well,even in these times. And the reason is, Pauline Payne:

Full details of the Angler’s Retreat here.

Best Nordic Walking Video

This gets my prize for the best Nordic Walking video I’ve seen so far!

It inspires me as an instructor, walk-leader, and walker. And it inspires me as a film-maker!

I think I might translate the title as “Nordic Walking: Marching to a Different Drum”

Africa in Wales?

No heat, no glaciers, no altitude sickness, but Africa in Wales is as close to the Kilimanjaro experience as we can get in the UK. Walking on 9 consecutive days, ascending 13,000 ft, and summiting in the dark to arrive at dawn, it'll be a worthy challenge. Read the rest of this entry »
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