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Walk A Marathon In A Month

There’s a great article showing how to construct a highly effective health plan through Nordic Walking.

This walking plan will blast fat and burn serious calories, and it’s as easy as putting one foot in front of the other. You’ll start gradually with steady power walking in week one, add distance and intensity in week two, begin logging serious miles in week three and walk the equivalent of a full-fledged marathon by the end of week four.

So says Nicole Dorsey-Straff in the That’s Fit Blog.

“Striding the equivalent of a marathon — 26.2 miles — is actually easier than you think in a month if you make it consistent,” said fitness expert and author of “Nordic Walking,” Malin Svensson …

The article gives a great plan for building up the distance, and the health-giving benefits, gradually over four weeks.  And Dorsey-Straff recognises the benefits of using Nordic Walking poles:

Tip: For more variety, challenge your muscles and increase your heart rate and endurance by adding hill training and/or Nordic walking with two poles. “Using poles and adding hills to walking training engages more muscle groups, blasts double the calories [compared to] a regular walk, and increases balance and strength,” said Svensson.

We’re with you all the way, Malin!

The Soul of Walking For Happiness

Walking for Happiness’ Soul Director, describes deeper dimensions of Walking For Happiness.


Our New Introductory Video

It’s on our home page, but I wanted to post it too, so it’s in our “video library”.

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