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Brisk walkers have lower breast cancer risk

Women who take brisk walks regularly have a lower risk of developing breast cancer after menopause — and it’s never too late to start, new study findings suggest.

Read more from Reuters Health.

It’s about walking, rather than Nordic Waling, or Walking for Happiness … but the benefits they found in regular walking are increased in Walking for Happiness–and I think that for any woman, or for nay man who has a woman he cares about, reduced risk of breast cancer has to be a cause for happiness in itself!

What the Doctors Say

Dr Bhupinder Kohli

“Super Surgery” East London GP Bhupinder Kohli, talks about Walking for Happiness, from the shores of the South China Sea.

Dr Dominique Dock

Mountain Guide and GP, Dr Dominque Dock, from West London, talks about Walking for Happiness from Hampshire.

Dr Alison Grimstone

East Sussex GP, and nutrition and health expert, Dr Alison Grimstone, talks about Walking for Happiness.

How Nordic Walking Helps Those Who Hate Exercise

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