We haven’t organised or run any expeditions for quite some while, although we have Nordic Walked in Crete in September 2012 and April 2013, and in Florida during 2012/2013.

Everything below here is to give you an idea of what we have done in the past, and may do again in the future.

This page gives all the details of the micro- and mini-expeditions being organised by Walking for Happiness.

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Our future mini-expeditions (and the archive of past expeditions) can be found here.

Here’s the map of all the walks planned so far.

Check out our store for Nordic Walking poles and other kit.

Click the name of the walk below for further details.  If you click the Grid Ref, it will take you to a Google map of the car park.

(No, don’t … they were all in 2011!)

It takes you to the Facebook Event: just click the “I am attending” button. (If the booking link doesn’t work, it’s because the walk is in the past!  But you could still do it.)

Date Place Nearest Town County Grid Ref Post Code Length Climb
20 Feb 2011 Devil’s Punch Bowl, Hindhead Hindhead Surrey SU 890 357 GU26 6AG 7.0 900 ft
13 Mar 2011 St Catherine’s Hill Winchester Hampshire SU 484 281 SO23 9QG 7.3 785 ft
27 Mar 2011 Shoreham Woods Orpington Kent TQ 502 616 TN14 7BD 6.7 750 ft
10 Apr 2011 Icknield Way Tring Bucks SP 955 149 HP23 5RX 7.4 730 ft
22 Apr 2011 Beacon Hill Stokenchurch Bucks SU 732 966 HP14 3YJ 6.0 800 ft
25 Apr 2011 Inkpen Beacon Newbury Berks SU 370 621 RG17 9QJ 7.6 1000 ft
28 Apr – 2 May 2011 Coeur de Combray, Ernes St Pierre sur Dives Calvados, Normandy 14270 ERNES
Various Gentle
21 May 2011
Nordic Walking Fair
Southampton Hampshire SU 417 111 SO15 1HJ 3 Flat!
22 May 2011
Farley Mount Monument
Winchester Hampshire SU 408 293 SO20 6
7.2 700 ft
29 May 2011 Box Hill, Surrey Dorking Surrey TQ 089 478 GU5 9NX 10 1600 ft
30 May 2011 Leith Hill Surrey Dorking Surrey TQ 130 433 RH5 6LS 10.5 1650 ft
12 Jun 2011 Wimbledon Womble Wimbledon Surrey TQ 230 724 SW19 5NQ 7.50 300 ft
26 Jun 2011 Hampstead Heath Hampstead Mx TQ 270 859 NW11 7HR 7.75 700ft
10 Jul 2011 Richmond Park Richmond Surrey TQ 192 706 KT2 5HU 9.50 500 ft
23 Jul 2011 Icknield Way Tring Bucks SP 955 149 HP23 5RX 7.4 730 ft
6-14 Aug 2011 Wild Welsh Wanderings (Africa in Wales) CANCELLED CANCELLED SH 683 168 LL40 1TS 50 13,000 ft
14-15 August 2011 Clarendon Way Salisbury Cathedral to Winchester Cathedral Wiltshire & Hampshire SU 141 295 SP1 2EJ  27  2,300 ft
21 Aug 2011 Epping Forest Epping Essex TQ 404 951 E4 7QH 10.00 650 ft
4 Sept * 2011 Chess Valley Rickmansworth to Chesham, back by tube Bucks TQ 057 946 WD3 1QY 10.50 600 ft
5-12 September 2011 South Downs Way Winchester Cathedral to Eastbourne Pier Hampshire and Sussex SU 481 294
SO23 9LS
101 13,000 ft
25 Sept 2011 Painter’s Hill Tatsfield Kent TQ 373 541 CR3 7AA 11.50 1350 ft

There will be a one-hour Nordic Walking Intro class starting at 9:30am at each location, and the walk proper will start at 10:30am. Reckon we will probably achieve about 2mph overall, to give you an idea of when we might get back.

NOTE that Stokenchurch and Inkpen Beacon are Good Friday and Easter Monday, and Box Hill and Leith Hill are Sunday/Monday on the late spring bank holiday.
This is designed that way on purpose, to give you the chance to begin experiencing walking on more than one day.
If you miss any walk, they will be repeated.

NOTE: Date change since first printed programme (Date of change 8th March 2011, 22:27)

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9 Responses to “Expeditions”

  • I would suggest to everyone who would like to join the walks.
    Please let us contribute at least £10.00 per person as a thank you to James for organising this training.

    Warm wishes

  • Hello Mala,
    Are there any of these types of walking groups in the U.S.A. near the San Francisco Bay area that you know of?

    Me and my wife Rhonda are getting ready to train for the Kilimanjaro hike in Feb.

    Thank you


    • Hi, David, This is James; owner of this website. Try McCormick, Barbara
      Email – blmccormick@earthlink.net, and tell me how you get on. She is listed as a NW instructor for SFO. If that fails, order yourself Leki Spin Nordic Walking poles from Amazon.com (about $80 a set), and have a look at both this website, and http://www.WalkingForHappiness.com, where we have posted some “how to” videos. Get used to them by doing a couple of five mile walks (I recommend country walks rather than mall or town walks), and let us know how you’re doing.

      Are you in Mala’s Kili FB group? If so, contact me, James Hardiman, there.

  • Hi David,
    I am truly excited to hear about your trip to climb Mt Kilimanjaro Feb 2012.
    Hope we can meet up during the Climb?
    Our group from London, UK is training for Feb, 2012.

    Warm wishes

  • Mala … I think David is coming with us! So I hope we’ll meet during the climb ;o)

  • Jean Paul:

    Mala (and everybody),

    I agree that a contribution of £10 or so would be good value for money. OK, so it costs nothing to go walking, but James and Susan put a lot of effort into organising and arranging these events, and then into training us. If you need to see how much effort, you only have to look at the superb map references nd picture links they supply – you cannot possibly get lost.

    I’ll be seeing you all at the next one (and virtually every one after that….)

  • Thanks for the comment, Jean. In the not-to-distant future we will be setting up a Walking For Happiness Membership scheme, and a scale of charges for our walks. As you say, we put a lot of effort into planning, designing, staging them … And they will get better and better!

    It is probable that the basic charge will be £10 per person per walk, but that you can bring a friend once for free (actually, anyone will be able to have an initial NW class, and one micro-expedition for free).

    Membership will be annual, and there will be a single-person rate, and a couple rate.

    And membership will have other benefits … They aren’t defined yet, which is one reason the system isn’t up and running.

    We’d be interested to hear what you might like to see in a membership package.

  • Jean Paul:

    There will apparently be an expedition to Mallorca in October. Will you add that to this (expeditions) page, please? I’m interested to see how hilly it is (well, how mountainous). Thanks.

    • We have a place (a mansion in Soler), we have a date, 8-15 October. We have an objective: part of the Ruta de Piedra en Sec (the dry stone way). I have preliminary figures, but not enough yet to calculate prices.

      I have got both paper and electronic maps, and a guidebook. My first stab at a gentle walk to get us going came out with a climb of around 5000ft!

      It will be hot, tough and high … But still won’t give us altitude sickness!

      I will get further details as soon as I can.

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