Nordic Walking for Osteoporosis

I was recently asked if Nordic Walking is goof for people with osteoporosis, and I went searching through my blog entries to see where I had written it up, and was shocked to discover that I hadn’t!

So let me redress that.  It is.

All physical exercise can help promote improved bone density (as long as it is, at least to some extent, load bearing).  The trouble is, if the bones are already osteoporotic, then you need to avoid too much impact.

Nordic Walking is ideal, as it distributes the loads over more of the skeleton, and helps ameliorate impact.


But don’t just believe me,  here is Margaret Martin, a world expert on exercise for osteoporosis:

Nordic Walking integrates the upper and lower body and allows the client to achieve the next level of fitness.

“Consider Nordic Walking for Your Clients, Margaret Martin”

And Nordic Walking UK have a whole raft of research on the health benefits of Nordic Walking, here.

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