What the Doctors Say

Dr Bhupinder Kohli

“Super Surgery” East London GP Bhupinder Kohli, talks about Walking for Happiness, from the shores of the South China Sea.

Dr Dominique Dock

Mountain Guide and GP, Dr Dominque Dock, from West London, talks about Walking for Happiness from Hampshire.

Dr Alison Grimstone

East Sussex GP, and nutrition and health expert, Dr Alison Grimstone, talks about Walking for Happiness.

2 Responses to “What the Doctors Say”

  • Christine Lee:

    Would like to learn nordic walking and will join the walking for happiness.
    Is there any nordic walking in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Please advise

    • Hi, Christine. We did take our poles when we visited Kuala Rompin a year ago (there are videos on this site), but I know of no-one doing Nordic Walking in KL … or anywhere else in Malaysia, but there is the Nordic Academy in Singapore: http://www.nordicacademy.sg/. They look like a good outfit: they have classes, and sell poles. Why not go and get trained with them, and then start something in KL? You could have Nordic Walking expeditions up the steps to the Batu caves!!

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